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Simple Plan

From their new millennium rise to MTV superstardom through pop-punk’s modern resurgence, Simple Plan have been an indelible part of pop culture since forming in Montreal in 1999. They’ve sold 10 million albums worldwide, won multiple Juno Awards, performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics – and, most recently, launched the omnipresent #ImJustAKid TikTok challenge that’s spawned more than 3.4 million videos, including clips from Hilary Duff, Ed Sheeran, Usher and Venus and Serena Williams.

But most importantly, they’ve never lost connection with what really matters: their audience. “We feel so lucky to have fans who love our old and new material,” says drummer Chuck Comeau. “We’re very proud of our past, but we’re even more excited about the future. We truly always feel we’re 3 minutes away from the best or biggest song of our career.”

Story Of The Year

What’s the sound of Story Of The Year? Loud guitars, massive singalong choruses, and uplifting perseverance. Few records helped build the post-hardcore scene as swiftly as the band’s debut, Page Avenue, one of the first of its kind to sell a million copies. “Until the Day I Die” endures as both an anthem and a mission statement. Tours with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Deftones, and The Used cemented Story Of The Year’s reputation as a stunning and engaging live act. The connection between the band and the audience transformed Story Of The Year from teenagers working in a St. Louis pizza chain franchise into hard rock headliners. Fans grew together with Dan Marsala, Ryan Philips, Josh Wills, and Adam Russell, from Page Avenue (2003), In the Wake of Determination (2005), The Black Swan (2008), The Constant (2010), Wolves (2017), to Tear Me to Pieces (2022). They specialize in intense, passionate, confessional compositions that inspire and empower. Songs like “The Antidote,” “Real Life,” “Miracle,” “The Ghost of You and I,” “Anthem of Our Dying Day,”and “Take Me Back” resonate with anyone determined to triumph over adversity. Until the day I die, indeed.


3OH!3 stands for 303, the telephone code for Boulder, Colorado, which happens to be the number-one question Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman get asked in interviews… well, that and, “how tall are you?!” (they’re 6’8″ and 6’1″, incidentally). So now that that’s out of the way we can get to the juicer details of this mountain-raised, finely-aging boy band. 3OH!3 continue to tour all over the world, and HELL YES, they will still play all your favorite hits off of their first album WANT so your “middle school self” can truly live. They’ve played shows on every continent except for Antarctica (too cold). 3OH!3 are still hard at work writing and producing music. Their recent releases include the singles “Lonely Machines feat 100 Gecs” and “I’m So Sad” off their album NEED. Nat and Sean also write and produce songs for other artists including Maroon 5, BTS, Kesha, Illenium, Ariana Grande, Lil Jon, Black Bear, and MAX, to name a few. These pioneers of the early aughts party scene can teach you how to party – just come see your favorite Boulder Boyz in a city near you sometime soon. Or just stream “Don’t Trust Me” “My First Kiss” and “Starstrukk” on endless repeat – either way, they’ve got nothing but love for you and yours.

Secondhand Serenade

In the early days of social networking, there were no classes, no courses, no gurus to assist musicians in building a fan base. Yet in the mid-2000’s, a young singer/songwriter hailing from Menlo Park, CA armed with a self-produced, acoustic album and the knowledge of how to communicate with fans, lead to a peak point as the number 1 unsigned artist on MySpace. It was here that John Vesely took the moniker Secondhand Serenade and began his journey that resulted in multi-platinum success and worldwide touring.

The demand for Vesely grew as that first album continued to sell. It wasn’t long before Secondhand Serenade became the talk of the music industry, leading to an eventual deal that positioned him as the first artist ever signed to the now famed Glassnote Records. A re-release of would soon follow in 2007, as would nationwide touring and the first of many festival appearances. However, it was 2008’s Danny Lohner-produced album, A Twist In My Story which would catapult the emo-pop songwriter to the top of the charts. The lead single, a part piano ballad, part pop-rock tune called “Fall For You” would solidify the first major hit for both the artist and the young label, securing its spot in the top 5 at US radio, eventually going 3-times platinum. International touring, late night shows and award show appearances became the new norm for Vesely who was quickly becoming the voice of the emo generation.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began their expedition into the hearts and minds of a generation 20 years ago. Their blazing 2006 single “Face Down” delivered both anthemic choruses and a strident message about domestic abuse, achieving both sales accolades and adoration from crowds all over the planet. They’ve accomplished a massive amount, from 5x platinum record sales to enormous streaming numbers and remarkable touring history, but the band’s real success begins and ends with the dedication and passion frontman Ronnie Winter has for his fans. From the poignancy of “Face Down” to the blistering fan favorite “Brace Yourself” (from 2020’s The Emergency EP), the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus continues to put sweat equity and sincerity into a world that desperately needs it in no uncertain terms. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has proven how far you can go by opening your heart and diming your guitar amps. This isn’t nostalgia—this is right now.

DJ Joey Donut

“DJ Joey Donut” coined his name from the iconic rebranding of Dunkin’ Donuts, dropping ‘Donuts’ from its name. A Staten Island, New York native, Joey Ianelli, frequently visited Dunkin’ for coffee. It was this habit that led him to pick up the “Donuts” and embark on his mixing career as DJ Joey Donut.

Accompanied by his 16-year-old Chihuahua, Milo, DJ Joey Donut is the driving force behind the celebrated Emo vs. Pop Punk nights at miniBar in Kansas City. Notably, he was the resident DJ at the first-ever Phase Fest in Kansas City.

With 5 years of experience DJing in the emo scene and over 15 years of traveling with tours like Warped Tour, DJ Joey Donut is eagerly gearing up to bring his elder emo energy to the inaugural Phase Fest in Sioux Falls.